If your plumber advises you there is no existing sewerage service diagram for your home, or your property sale or purchase is being delayed by the lack of a sewerage service diagram, then we can create a new one for the property.

Alternatively, if there have been alterations to the drainage system at your home or the property being sold or purchased that have not been included on the existing sewerage service diagram, then we can create an updated one for the property.

Depending on the availability of site and floor plans [create link to site and floor plan section on SSD page], you have two options:

  1. If the site and floor plans are available, you forward a copy to us either by email or post. Then we produce a template of the site and building layout based on the details in those plans, or
  2. If the site and floor plans are not available, we will need to come to your property to survey the property boundary and the position of the buildings in order to produce the template of the site and building layout. This survey will incur an additional cost.

We perform the following tasks to create a new sewerage service diagram:

1 We contact NSW Fair Trading to complete the Notice of Work application form and pay the inspection fee.

2 We visit your property with CCTV camera and electronic pipe location equipment. We plot the position of the house drainage system onto the new sewerage service diagram.

3  We check the house drainage system for any defects. Then, if we find any minor problems that can be fixed immediately we discuss this with you. Our fee allows for fixing minor problems. If, however, we find a major problem, we will discuss this with you and if required we can provide you with a written report and video copy of the CCTV footage. You can then use this report to have the problem repaired by a licensed plumber of your choice. This report and video footage incurs an additional cost to you.

4 We prepare the final sewerage service diagram for you or your licensed plumber.

CCTV Inspection


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